Your e-commerce store may be the primary source of your company’s cash flow. We craft your store to convert users into buyers using best responsive design practices.

Doing business online should be simple, convenient, and intuitive. A well-designed website from Beacon Digital will provide an exceptional user experience to an ever-growing audience of worldwide consumers. Your brand’s goods and professional services will become more accessible thanks to the WordPress-driven WooCommerce platform. This e-commerce interface is a natural part of responsive web design best practices; we can ensure that your customers have an exceptional experience while navigating your website and its storefront.


WooCommerce is the current global market leader among all e-commerce platforms and accounts for just short of one third of the world’s online storefront applications. Developed by Woothemes, WooCommerce is a stable, secure, and responsive e-commerce infrastructure that provides the same level of service to small businesses and startups that large organisations already enjoy. Storefront functions are an excellent way to boost brand visibility while maximising website potential.


WooCommerce provides all the tools necessary to create a distinctive sales experience for your users. This flexible platform lets our clients:

  • Manage inventory
  • Add variations and customization options
  • Control worldwide shipping options
  • Sell physical goods, digital products, and professional services through a user-friendly interface

Online storefronts allow customers to shop at their leisure; people appreciate the convenience of being able to do business from anywhere, at any time. Goods-based businesses cannot afford to lose the global market reach that ecommerce makes available. Rather than setting up shop on electronic real estate controlled by another organisation, consider integrating proven commerce solutions into your own website.


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