We all receive a significant number of promotional emails in our inbox. Some we delete out of hand without even thinking about it; others we will spend a couple of seconds glancing through before deleting and some we will linger over for a bit longer… and others elicit a positive response.

The question is, what are the factors that make us decide?

When thinking about your email advertising campaign, have a look at our basic guidelines. Then, if you need further help in creating it contact us to help improve your success rate.


To maximise the success of your email advertising campaigns:

  • make sure that the content is personal and relevant to the end user
  • do not email too frequently
  • ensure that the content is of a high quality
  • give clear next steps and a link to unsubscribe
  • make sure the content and presentation supports your other marketing communications
  • ensure that the email is being sent to the correct email addresses
  • make sure the email looks good, no matter what system your audience uses to access their email
  • keep your message simple – be aware that a large number of users will not automatically download images, but neither do you want too much text
  • make sure the campaign is easy to manage and its success rate is easy to measure
  • understand why emails get trapped by Spam filters

DO NOT infringe national or international laws. A few key points of the law include:

  • never use deceptive headers
  • include ‘From’ names
  • reply-to addresses, or subject lines
  • always provide an unsubscribe link that works
  • you must include your physical mailing address

By following these steps you should avoid most of your email communication being caught by spam filters or being deleted without ever being opened.

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