The customer comes first

All too often you’ll find developers who focus on the technical and security requirements necessary for e-commerce. These are important elements, but first and foremost we develop e-commerce solutions for your audience. We aim for the highest levels of usability, helping your customer find what they need and easing the purchase process to avoid shopping cart abandonment. It sounds glib, but happy customers really are repeat customers and advocates for your brand.

Getting it right ‘behind the scenes’

We’ve been helping businesses sell direct online for over 10 years. We know the key questions to ask to ensure your project is a success. You’ll be pleased to hear, most are to do with your business plan and order fulfilment, rather than technology.

Bespoke e-commerce

As with any software package, they won’t do everything exactly the way you’d like it to. Sometimes it’s best to live with a little compromise, other times that isn’t an option. Which is why we also offer bespoke e-commerce development. Like Shopify this will accept payments direct to your merchant bank account, usually using the SagePay payment gateway.

Partnering with e-commerce specialists

Sometimes our client’s needs go beyond our e-commerce expertise. When that happens we are open and honest, introducing partners with specific expertise or products that will augment our skills to meet the brief.

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